Diving Deep: Why Deep Skirting Boards Are the New Must-Have

You know the saying, “Go big or go home”? In the world of interior design, this phrase is taking on a whole new meaning, especially when it comes to skirting boards. While we’re all familiar with the standard trim that hugs the base of our walls, there’s a new trend that’s making waves: deep skirting boards. With skirting board delivery services seeing a surge in requests for these chunkier options, it’s time to delve deep (pun intended!) into what makes them so special.

At first glance, one might wonder, “Why would I need deeper skirting boards?” Ah, but that’s the beauty of it. These broad baseboards aren’t just a passing fad; they offer both form and function that can elevate the aesthetic of any room.

1. A Nod to Vintage Charm:
Historical homes, with their high ceilings and grandeur, often sported deep skirting boards. By adding these to your home, you’re paying homage to an era where every architectural detail was a work of art. Even if your abode is more modern chic than Victorian elegance, these boards can add a touch of timeless appeal.

2. Proportional Balance:
For rooms with lofty ceilings, standard skirting might seem, well, a tad underwhelming. Deep skirting boards, however, can provide a visual balance, ensuring that the space doesn’t feel top-heavy.

3. Enhanced Protection:
More than just a pretty face, these beefy boards serve as the ultimate shield for your walls. Be it enthusiastic vacuuming, energetic pets, or the occasional wayward foot, the extended coverage ensures your walls stay scuff-free.

4. A Canvas for Creativity:
The extra surface area on deep skirting boards is like a blank canvas. Think two-tone painting, intricate detailing, or even some DIY stenciling. The design possibilities are, quite literally, broader!

5. Concealing Imperfections:
Let’s face it, not all floor installations are perfect. There might be gaps, uneven cuts, or other little snafus. These generous boards come to the rescue, hiding those pesky imperfections with grace.