Don’t Do These 4 Things To Your Carpet!

Most people think that a carpet, especially a high-quality rug such as woven and Axminster, will require regular maintenance and should be taken to the North Shore Tile, Upholstery, Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services. But the truth is, just by avoiding the 4 bad habits below, your carpet will still be beautiful and maintained its durability. So, what habits should you not do to the carpet?

1. Do not rub!
When coffee, tea, juice, or other liquids fall on the carpet, you will unknowingly clean it immediately by rubbing or brushing. In fact, the activity of scrubbing the carpet with super strong power will not help remove it, but it can actually damage your carpet material.

Yes, this is because carpets are made of fibers that have been knotted together to increase their strength, and then locked into a single unit. So rubbing the carpet fibers vigorously even risks causing damage and causing the separation of the fiber collection.

If you have this, then you will see the emergence of a bunch of messy fibers. This of course makes the carpet look worse than it was spilled. Therefore, the right step when cleaning stains from your carpet is to use a tissue or dry cloth, until the spilled water is absorbed optimally.

2. Picky cleaners
To remove dirt or stains attached to the carpet, you can also use cleaning products that are specifically designed for carpets. Remember, don’t be careless! Floor cleaning fluid cannot be used for your favorite carpet. Alternatively, you can use liquid dish soap as long as it has to be diluted first.

3. Don’t step on your shoes!
Get in the habit of taking off your shoes before you enter the house. Not only will you be able to reduce dirt and soil from outside the house, but you will also avoid the appearance of chemical residues.

For those of you who have pets that often go in and out of the house, make sure that their feet are clean when entering the main door.

4. Shifting the furniture
If you want to keep your carpet beautiful, change the easy steps when shifting furniture from point A to B. Indeed, this method is quite efficient, but also consider the consequences that you will encounter, namely the appearance of ripples at the bottom of your carpet.